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LunchPoint service concept was born by the life itself. It sounds a bit pathetic, but it's true. Its creators work in the office, they move around the world a lot and like to have lunch at local "non-tourist" restaurants. As you know, most delicious local food is served there. Moreover they are terribly busy, but they know the value of time, giving preference to convenience and comfort, as the vast majority of urban residents do.

The technologies took the lead, however, i-Pads&iPhones, Wi-Fi and global network offer overlong search path to ravenous townsman with a lot of junk information, and the search is not always successful. To find something useful in native or strange city, we usually start googling, flipping through pages of dozens of local sites and downloading dozens of mobile applications.

There was a need in a service that would practically by one click solve the daily problem of millions of people everywhere: where to have a bite? We wished to download one application, which would long "live" in our smartphone and be of real benefit for us. That’s how LunchPoint turned up.

It's quite simple, clear and comfortable.

It operates on demand: I see what I want to see, I solve the problem that have arisen at this particular place. I decide it without intrusive agents. And this is important.

There are as much menu offers as it can be enough to meet the most exquisite taste and any budget. Moreover, they are supplemented and updated regularly. If at least once a week you have breakfast or dine out, meet with friends in the evenings, like to travel or go on mission frequently, our service will be unnoticeable, but very reliable and convenient assistant for you.

Enjoy using the application, download it and comment.
Delicious food is delight in our life. Do not spend too much time searching, use LunchPoint!

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